Airtime System Solutions

Airtime and Internet Solutions

Internet Services (4G, 5G, VSAT, LEO, MEO)


Just imagine how convenient it is to contact the only one responsible supplier of all on-board technological equipment: AV, NavCom, Radio, Satellite, 4G Reception and on-board IT Network systems. Once the yard has delivered the yacht, there is still the same reliable partner that also provides Internet, Routing, IT and Cyber Security Services, keeps the systems updated and responds promptly upon your request.   

We are working directly with network operators and manufacturers, can offer and deliver a full package of high-speed connectivity based on needs and navigation area of a vessel. 

Following up the innovations in telecommunication and Internet connection technologies all over the world, we are able to provide you with the proper solutions for uninterrupted data transfer and super wide wireless coverage whenever and wherever you are sailing or cruising.